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Van Life in 35mm

_15_073720A_0673 16A_0669 _23_0745 _12_0734 __8_0730__9_0731 __5_0727__0_0722-2Shot with a Leica MP + 35mm F1.4 + Kodak Portra 400. Edited with Litely.


Hiking Mount Skåla, Norway


Instagram Wallpapers: #1

colerise-wallpaper-2 colerise-wallpaper-1First of a new series of Instagram-inspired wallpapers, created & edited on my phone. Click on the photos to download them to your devices, and keep an eye out for future posts!

Colors of Dubai


Photos from wandering a spice market. Testing new colors for Litely 2 – coming soon.

Floating over the Dubai desert


Somewhere between a car and a plane


I’ve never really considered riding a motorcycle. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind is that rather mean-looking, cigar-smoking antihero from “Raising Arizona.” (see Exhibit A.) It came up recently, however, with a phone call from Harley-Davidson.

It was lunchtime, and I was standing in a Whole Foods parking lot, when they said the words, “We like your work. We want to give you a bike and teach you how to ride.”

They went on to explain how they were trying out a new program where they invite interesting people from different walks of life to learn how to ride. We’d be put through a motorcycle boot camp of sorts, and Rider’s Edge (where we actually learn), and we’d each get our own custom bike, all for just sharing what the experience is like through the usual social media channels. Woah.

Now, if you’re familiar with bikes, that probably sounds awesome as all hell, but for someone like me, it’s a bit like hearing how NASA is recruiting a few people to learn how to fly space ships – something totally bad ass, but foreign, scary, and completely out-of-character. Which is why I said, “yes.” And as a friend who rides put it, it’s somewhere between driving a car and flying a plane, which to my mind, makes perfect sense to try.

Then I had a chance to meet the incredible people I’d be learning to ride with. The UFC fighter Mike Chiesa, the illustrator Ray Frenden, the prolific musician Astronautalis, and the pro-skater Greg Lutzka. Crazy bad-ass, independent people with such a refreshingly rare humility that if you weren’t immediately familiar with who they were, a quick Google search would make you shrink in your seat while saying “Oh… THAT guy.”

As the dude who just takes pictures, I feel completely honored to get to know them over the next few months, and super excited to share this new experience with you. Wish me luck.

Scenes from the Hasselblad: 2012


Death Valley



IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1719IMG_1744 IMG_1801

Evan Lane + Kayla Varley in the Venice studio. Messing with presets in Lightroom.

Anatomy of a Shipwreck

Note to self: Always follow the arbitrary road. Never mind the fading light, the waterfall, the cold, the black sand wind. Distant blips are hidden shipwrecks.